Mutual Monday – Ripley Patton

Mutual Monday – Ripley Patton
January 8, 2018 Maggie Lynch
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author ripley pattonRipley Patton is an amazing writer of paranormal YA books. When I read the first book in her PSS Chronicles series I was blown away by the originality and the characters. For her series, Ripley developed an entire physical diagnosis with symptoms and problems.

From her website she describes PSS. “Psyche Sans Soma is a rare defect that manifests at birth, or possibly in the womb. Babies born with PSS are missing limbs or have some malformation of the flesh, in which, instead of the missing flesh, their body produces a mass of ethereal energy. At a very young age, PSS babies have no control over this energy and it simply displays as a ball or mass of blue light of no discriminate shape. However, as the child develops, they usually learn to control and shape their PSS to conform to the outline of their missing limb or malformed flesh. Psyche Sans Soma literally translated from Greek means Soul (or life) Without Flesh”.

Book Covers for PSS Chronicles

Is that cool or what? I particularly loved the heroine of this series, Olivia Black. She’s a senior in a small town high school who likes to wear Goth clothes. As you can imagine that would not be the norm. She is an introvert, like me, but that doesn’t mean she’s a wallflower. She is smart, strong, has a somewhat humorous outlook when things get tough. The series has four books, and you can get the first one free on any of your favorite sites.

I hope you try out Ripley’s books. Share it with your favorite teen or new adult and I’ll bet they will want to read all of these in a heartbeat. In fact, anyone who loves modern paranormals and remembers how tough it was to figure out who you are in high school and in young adulthood will fall in love with these characters and their journey.

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