• Mar062024
    colorful mosaic with human head emerging from pattern

    What a Year, What a Future

    Here I am, once again apologizing for not blogging for a year, not sending out a newsletter for a year,…

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  • Mar252023

    Thanks for COVID

    March is almost over. Spring is officially here. Easter is two weeks away. Though I’ve been incredibly busy since my…

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  • Nov112022
    two hands painted with the American flag formed with a heart in the center. Veterans Day. Thank you to all who have served. Around the outside of the hands are names of family and friends who are veterans.

    Thank You Veterans

    I’m sure you are seeing lots of posts celebrating Veterans today. I’m happy to see them, and to join them…

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  • Oct072022
    Diverse group of People holding letters spelling out the word Family.

    The Importance of Good Foster Parents

        NOTE: Once again I am sharing a post I did on the Windtree Press site  with some additional…

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  • Jul062022
    Silhouette of a father and his daughter walking toward a beautiful sunset on the horizon

    My Father Taught Me Purpose

    NOTE: This post first appeared on the Windtree Press blog on June 28, 2022. I’m sharing it here for my…

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  • Jul052022
    picture of protestors in San Jose holding signs saying: Enough is Enough; No Justice No Peace; and Silence = Violence

    The Uneasy Balance of Civic Charity and Violence in Our History

    Note: This is a continuation of a post I did on the 4th of July about The Price of Freedom…

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  • Jul042022
    American flag with an eye and a tear falling

    The Price of Freedom and Independence

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  • Jun282022
    Silhouette of different people trudging together toward same goal

    Reflecting on a World in Pain

    I must admit that I’ve had a difficult time coming up with a blog for my website for more than…

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  • Jun092022
    Explore different futures on earth and beyond our galaxy with these ten books by major SF authors

    Visions of the Future through Science Fiction

    With all that’s been happening in our world over the past few years, people in the news and on talk…

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  • Apr272022
    picture of two blogs--on the left is Windtree Press, on the right is Maggie Lynch

    Posting at Windtree Press

    Okay, I admit it. I’ve been cheating on my blog. What I mean is that instead of posting here on…

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