Mutual Monday with Kathy Coatney

Mutual Monday with Kathy Coatney
February 5, 2018 Maggie Lynch
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Author Kathy CoatneyI’m back in the swing with Mutual Monday and I’m REALLY excited to tell you about this up and coming contemporary romance author. Her name is Kathy Coatney and she writes the kind of romances I love and that are similar to mine. That is she writes stories the deal with real world issues that sometimes can tear couples apart. But she’s great at putting them back together again.  I guarantee you will laugh, cry, and be really happy when these couples find their way back to love and life.

She just released the second in her new series, Falling in Love with You. Here’s the blurb.


Three friends, three broken hearts, and an everlasting love.

Best friends from childhood, Jon, Abby, and Noah, built a friendship that has survived the test of time.

Falling in Love with You by Kathy CoatneyNoah secretly loves Abby, but Abby only has eyes for Jon—except Jon doesn’t love her back. When Jon is diagnosed with ALS, and Abby convinces Jon her feelings are strong enough for both of them. But after fifteen years of a marriage, Abby discovers her love for Jon was only infatuation. It’s Noah who has truly owned her heart.

Jon’s final request to Noah—Confess to Abby that you’ve always loved her and give her the life she was meant to have.But before Noah can profess his love, disaster strikes, and Noah fears he will never get the chance to fulfill his promise and win the love of his life.



Really, just reading that makes my heart melt and all three of her books in this series are just as amazing as this one. Here’s a picture of the entire series, you can check it out at Windtree Press. Kathy will hangout here for a couple of days if you have any questions.

Falling in Love series by Kathy Coatney

The third book, Falling in Love for the First Time will be out March 2nd but you can preorder it now and make sure you get it the minute it’s released.

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