Women's Fiction Titles

Sweetwater Canyon Series – Romantic Women’s Fiction

She’s chosen music over men. He prefers casual to committed. Can they strike a life-changing chord?

She plays the fiddle to soothe her pain. He writes poetry to face his past. Now to heal two wounded hearts.

Her guitar helped her leave. His grim news calls her home. Can their past be forgiven?

Is faith and forgiveness enough to make a family of four survive and thrive?

Kat needs more than courage to navigate this Christmas season. She needs a miracle.

Will a young homeless stranger be a source of division or will he help to free the Cullen’s from the past?

Get three holiday books bundled together: Thanks for Love, Christmas Courage, and Hogmanay Stranger

Illness is a private matter…but recovery is a family affair. Can two lost souls helping each other into the future?

Get the first three books in this series for one low price: Undertones, Healing Notes, and Heart Strings.


Anthologies and Short Stories

Rediscover the magic and romance of Valentine’s Day with these nine stories of Gifts From The Heart.

Twelve diverse and heartfelt stories exploring the love, messiness, and miracles of Christmas.

For every woman who found passion but not love…how did you find your way back to yourself? To life?