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Maggie Lynch Author

Maggie Lynch currently has 31 published books and plans many more. She is a cross-genre author in adult women’s fiction, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and romance. She also writes fiction for pre-teen to young adult readers. All of her stories are character-drive and show people making heroic choices one messy moment at a time.  Sign up for her email list newsletter to keep on top of all her series and new books as they are released.

In her academic career Maggie wrote four books about using, managing, and building online learning systems. She also contributed articles to many other books. Her current nonfiction focuses on helping authors become entrepreneurs and make choices that help them to be more successful in their career.

Where You Can Find My Books in
Ebook, Print, and Audiobook Formats

Bookstores: My books are distributed worldwide in print, ebook, and audiobook formats. I couldn’t possibly list all the outlets here. If you don’t see my book in your favorite bookstore, please be sure to check with them. It is likely my book is there or can easily be ordered.

Libraries: I’m a huge library fan and have priced my books for libraries to make it easy for them to add it to their collection. My library distribution is through Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Overdrive, Libby, Bibliotheca, Hoopla, Vivlio, Gardners, Wheelers, Palace Marketplace and many more. Libraries choose books primarily based on what their patrons want to see. If you don’t see one of my books in your local library, be sure to tell them you would like to see it in their collection. The way my books get in libraries is primarily by patrons requesting them.

How Fast Are Books Available on Release?

Every vendor has a different schedule for how quickly they make my books available. Holidays tend to slow things down. Also, the larger the recipient (e.g., a library distributor like Overdrive) the longer it takes to get it out to all their customers. Below are averages I’ve tracked over the past three years.

Ebooks tend to be available worldwide with many different distributors within about two weeks of release. A few large bookstores with online book availability take up to four weeks–particularly outside the U.S.

Print Books in the United States tend to be available within two weeks for large bookstores with a good online ordering system. Amazon gets new print books in their catalog very quickly (2 days on average). Ingram is slower because they are going out to over 20,000 book stores and libraries. In the U.S. it is about two weeks before most stores are able to order it. Bookstores outside of the United States can take up to six weeks to be shown in a bookstore catalog. Because I’m a huge supporter of independent bookstores, all my books are available via Bookshop.org as well. From release date it is usually about two weeks before it shows up in their catalog.

Audiobooks. The goal is to have an audiobook released between 6 months to a year after the print book is released. Currently, not all of my backlist books have an audiobook available. However, for my books published with Windtree Press, I am working on getting audiobooks for all my titles. For books published with other publishers, that choice is not always mine. Once the audiobook is created, the distribution tends to be within two weeks around the world, including to libraries.

Buy Direct From Author

NOTE: I am changing direct purchase platforms for ebooks and audiobooks. My previous audiobook streaming vendor closed it’s doors and I am in the process of selecting another one. Stay tuned for more information in the fall of 2024.

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