Get Your Book On! Stock Up Now!

Get Your Book On! Stock Up Now!
November 4, 2021 Maggie Lynch
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This is my favorite time of year as a reader for great deals on getting books. Authors are touting their holiday books, joining book bundles, doing genre-specific discounts, and running contests. It’s also my favorite time as a writer because I get to participate in giving away books too.

This November I’m participating in TWO of these events. One is a SF Book Bundle, Visions of the Future. I’m really chuffed about this one because the other writers in the bundle are AMAZING! I mean some of the best writers in the business and I get to hang with them for this month. The other is a Holiday Books Contest featuring heart-warming stories about the holidays. Many of the writers are fellow Windtree Press authors.


Visions of the Future Book Bundle

When accepting my book, Gravity, to be part of the bundle, this is what Dean Wesley Smith wrote in his post about curating the bundle:

“Starting this bundle off with a great series that actually has eight other authors writing in different parts of the same universe. GRAVITY by Maggie Lynch is the first book in her series inside this much larger universe. So if you like this book, and trust me, you will since it is classic science fiction space opera with a great character, you can stay in the universe with not only more Maggie books, but the other authors as well. Great fun!”

It is so true, the Obsidian Rim universe has produced 14 books and I just found out a new one is coming out before the end of the year. Jody Wallace just completed the third book in her Catship series. Catagenesis is coming out before the end of the year.

Double exposure of young woman and starry space background. THe ten books in the Visions of the Future bundle are shown.

But more than my entry, are the other nine books. With all those gorgeous books and amazing authors, how can anyone who loves futuristics pass this up? I’m buying the whole bundle as a gift for folks I know love these kinds of stories. Consider buying it for yourself or as a gift. All of these titles together would normally cost over $50. But with StoryBundle you pay what you believe it is worth. Beginning at $5 will get you four of the books. Anywhere above $15 will get all ten of the books. And you have an option to designate a percentage of your purchase to go to the charity, Able Gamers, which creates opportunities that enable play in order to combat social isolation, foster inclusive communities, and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. This bundle is only available until November 25th, so grab it now while you can!


Holiday Books Contest

The 2nd Big Opportunity this month is a Holiday Books Contest I’m participating in with several Windtree Press authors and a couple other authors who’s books I simply love. This features a diversity of stories that take place around the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year. Some are part of the author’s series of ongoing characters, but can be read as stand alone books. This includes my trio of stories featuring the Sweetwater Canyon characters, Paty Jager’s western historical, which is part of the Halsey Homecoming group of books, Sue Ward Drake’s story from the Big Easy Brother’s series, and Desora Lowe’s story which is part of her Starlight Grille group of titles.

Others are written as a stand alone titles. For example, Melissa Yi’s book, Mr. Chef and Ms. Librarian, combines a burgeoning romance between two people who couldn’t be more different. He lives for food. She tolerates it. He’s got his Muslim-Canadian family on speed dial; she doesn’t speak to her mother in England. And yet, when Ivy strolls into Tariq’s cooking class, just before Christmas and Eid, love is too delicious to resist. Or Anna Brentwood’s historical novella about a Russian brooch that has the power to connect the living and the dead at Christmas time.

Personally, I love all these books and I think you will too. So sign up for the contest if you want a chance to win a free book. The contest only runs until November 15th!

background of fir boughs on holiday ornaments with ten holiday book covers in the foreground. It says Decorate Your Holidays with Books

I hope you look into both these opportunities and get stocked up on
your end of year and New year reading!

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