‘Tis the Book Bundle Season

‘Tis the Book Bundle Season
November 17, 2017 Maggie Lynch
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When it comes to the holidays, authors take a lot of different approaches to providing a good deal on books for their readers. Some authors drop prices on one or more of their books. Others put together bundles of their books. These author bundles allow readers to get three or more titles for a price that is significantly lower than they would pay to buy the books separately. These are particularly great for readers who love series and want to buy multiple books at a time. Yet, other authors participate in multi-author bundles. In these bundles, readers can get many books–ranging from 6 or 7 titles to 12. Some even have as many as 25 titles. Multi-author bundles offer huge discounts, giving readers an opportunity to get to know other recommended authors without paying much money. It seems to me it’s a win-win to everyone involved.

I’m definitely a believer in bundling. I’m currently in two multi-author bundles, one for Fantasy and the other for Romance. These are my two primary fiction genres and the deals on both of these bundles works out to an 82% savings. The deals are time-limited, in that if you buy before the end of the year you get the best deal. After that, the price goes up in 2018.

The Fantasy for Young Readers Bundle contains 12 novels with young adult protagonists. In this bundle the age of the protagonists range from 15-18. YA books aren’t just for teens. I love reading YA books and I’m in my 60’s. I love the coming-of-age stories and the more free imagination of writers and their worlds that are often unbound by the traditional adult fantasy. My book, Chameleon: The Awakening is in this bundle, and I’m proud to be sharing it as part of this great gift pack for only $6.99. That works out to be about 58 cents per book! Hard to beat that price.

Fantasy for Young Readers Boxset - 12 novels

For my Romance fans, I know you will enjoy the For the Heart book bundle. These seven heartwarming stories of romance will have you rooting for the characters as they face challenges in their lives and relationships. I would not be surprised if you shed some happy tears as they find their happily ever afters. Another 82% discount on this bundle. At only $3.99, that is again about 58 cents per book. My book, Heart Strings, is included in this set.

For the Heart Boxset with 7 novels

If you are looking to fill up your e-reader with books by great authors, I can honestly recommend the authors in both of these bundles. They will provide you with lots of reading during the winter holidays at an extremely reasonable cost. I only choose to do bundles with authors who have a good track record and produce stories I want to read myself.

I’ll have more announcements about deals as November progresses. Also, for those on my email list, you’ll get some extra special pricing on some of my own bundles coming up before the end of the year. Not on my list? Then click the button below and get started. Happy Reading!

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