Posting at Windtree Press

Posting at Windtree Press
April 27, 2022 Maggie Lynch
picture of two blogs--on the left is Windtree Press, on the right is Maggie Lynch

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been cheating on my blog. What I mean is that instead of posting here on my website, I’ve been posting at Windtree Press (the publisher for all of my current adult fiction, including reprints). Yes, I’ve been over there quite a bit the past few months. Windtree Press restarted their blog at the beginning of 2022 and recruited all their authors to help with posting so they could have posts twice every week for an entire year. It’s quite the task! So, I immediately volunteered for my share. I have to admit, after writing a blog over there, I forget to write one here. See? I’ve been cheating with where I expend my words. (big sigh). I promise I’ll spend more time here in the future.

Now that the cheating is out in the open, I’m going to share what I’ve been writing over there. It doesn’t mean I love this blog any less. This blog is my first love, my long term love. I was just enamored with the other one, the one where it’s like a party sharing with all those other authors. You might as well know what I’ve been talking about. Check out what interests you. If you head over to the Windtree Press blog you will probably find other authors that are just as interesting or more interesting then me. I do recommend checking it out. Then you’ll be cheating on me, too.

Here are the blogs I’ve written in the last couple of months. Click on the link if you want to go read them.

spider web with dew on a green backgroundRespect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence – In honor of Earth Day and bringing awareness to climate change, I discuss my personal beliefs around taking care of our planet. I also share how my Forest People Series and my SF book Eternity: Virus Wars has awareness of how we treat the earth as a core theme. In The Forest People series, the problem that exists for the Forest People is that scientists wanted tree lichen to grow more quickly. They, in effect, create a growth hormone for the lichen. In that way, they can harvest it to make pscyhoactive drugs that are important for treating certain types of mental illness. In my SF book, Eternity, a corporation found an ancient virus that they were able to make into vaccinations that help people live for 800 years. But that decision has also impacted the ability of earth to take care of everyone with population explosion. It also looks at how greed and reaching for absolute power can devastate entire groups of people around the world in service of the few elites. If you are interested in environmental topics, check out my post.

cartoon characters holding different types of faces as a paddle: happy, sad, and angryFinding Wisdom and Forgiveness in Foolish Choices – Writers are always getting their book characters in trouble. Conflict is what readers want to see and how they characters get out of it. If you ever wonder how writer’s know about so many different situations, it is likely they’ve either experienced it themselves or know someone who has. In this blog, I share a memory from my childhood where I chose to forge my mother’s signature on a note to allow me to take the bus to my friends house. I think I was eleven or twelve. Along the way, I had to also lie several times when people asked if I was sure my mother approved this. I even tried to lie to my mother, when I was forced to call her to tell her I’d arrive safe. I tried to convince her that she had given me permission for the trip. Yup, I was punished for what I did, as it should be. I also learned about forgiveness and love even though I had let everyone down–including myself. I think it is a good lesson for all ages. One of the most difficult things for many children (and some adults) to overcome is to know how to live with bad choices they’ve made and learn from them. How to accept responsibility for their actions. AND how to also forgive others who have made bad choices as well. As my parents always taught me, you can love the sinner but not the sin. We are all redeemable if we want to be. But forgiveness doesn’t mean all is forgotten. We have to work hard to regain trust again.

A collage of many diverse women in historyThe Importance of Books About Women in History – Celebrating Women’s History month in March, I chose to share some books that featured important women who we often don’t see featured in history textbooks. For most of history, women were rarely mentioned even when they did amazing things. I know when I studied history in high school, outside of a few women like Susan B. Anthony or Marie Curie, I rarely learned of things women did. When women were mentioned it was most often as someone’s wife or mother. They weren’t independent of men at all. The books I chose to highlight in this blog were written by one or more women historians who did years and years of research to accurately detail the women and their amazing lives. Each book features several women instead of just one. I hope you check it out, and many of the other books other authors chose to mention in their posts.

I hope you find something interesting to read among these. I hope to be returning to blogging here on my website in the near future. It’s been a very busy few months with lots of consulting and teaching work, family calling me away from my normal writing schedule, and my admitted lack of focus with all that is going on in Ukraine.

I hope this finds all of you enjoying some new books. In May, I’ll be sharing what’s going with my current books in progress.

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