Book Bundles Are Good Deals for Everyone

Book Bundles Are Good Deals for Everyone
June 1, 2017 Maggie Lynch
In Science Fiction

Moonscapes Book Bundle DealI’m participating in an excellent science fiction book bundle with some amazing SF authors. It is offered through StoryBundle and is curated by Dean Wesley Smith. Check out the deal and the amazing authors included here. Click on the picture to go directly to the site.

StoryBundle is unique in that they offer a “Pay what you want” option. The more you pay, the more books you get. You can get all ten books for $15.00 and add some bucks to go to Able Gamers, an amazing charity! If you do nothing else, check out Able Gamers. I learned about them in a previous bundle and I am VERY impressed with what they do and how they change people’s lives.

Why do I participate in Bundles?

First and foremost, they can be fun. I want to read the books by all the other author’s in the bundle too! In this group, I had previously bought and read three of the offerings because they are SF authors I follow regularly. That tells me the other authors will also offer great stories. I’m ecstatic to be a part of it.

Second, bundles are a way for authors to find new readers. In the millions of books available to readers these days, it is easy to get lost. Even though MANY readers say they want to find new authors, it is time consuming for them to go looking for someone new without knowing they are recommended. That means most readers default to only buying from their favorites. In a book bundle readers get the best of both worlds. They get books by the author’s they already know and love AND get books by other authors that write in the same genre and subgenre. A good deal all around.

How do Bundles Work?

There are all kinds of book bundles out there, and each has their own economy and goals. What I like about StoryBundle is that it meets both the author’s need to earn something on her work and the readers desire to get a good deal–particularly if they are trying out an author for the first time. This is why StoryBundle offers the pay-what-you-want option. Actually, they phrase it in terms of perceived value. What do you think it’s worth to you to get 10 books from 10 recommended/curated professional authors? I like that question about the value of an author’s work.

StoryBundle also gives any bundle curator the option of including a charity. I like that too! If I’m giving my book away for a significant reduction in price per copy, I feel even better about doing it when I know a great charity can benefit as well.

Finally, the best thing about a group like StoryBundle is that they handle all the money, the reporting, the IRS forms, etc. And most important the payouts to each participant when the bundle offering has expired and the purchasers have all received their books. This means I get paid within 30 days of the bundle ending. That’s faster than most retailers who take anywhere from 60 days to six months to pay authors. It’s a nice eco-system of readers supporting authors and authors supporting readers and each other. We are sharing the investment and the reward together in each bundle.

Have you participated in a bundle–either as a reader or an author? If so, let me know how it worked for you.

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