Say the Names

Say the Names
November 6, 2018 Maggie Lynch
In inspiration, philosophy

I was on writing retreat all of last week. While there I do not read newspapers or watch TV. The daily news of politics and violence is turned off for five days so I can concentrate on writing a book where people become their best selves in spite of the world they come from or live in.

When I returned, I learned of the Pittsburgh shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue. This past Sunday, the sermon at my church focused on the increase of violence in this country and we discussed our role in honoring other faiths and supporting a diversity of beliefs. The picture to the right represents my beliefs. Though it is not from my church, I believe it represents most faith traditions in our country. I’ve been noticing the hashtag #love thy neighbor (no exceptions) and that reflects my values as well.

My friend, author Jenna Bayley-Burke, posted a blog about the Pittsburgh shooting and about her faith tradition of saying the names. Instead of writing my own blog for this Tuesday, I wish to honor her blog post and to honor the faith of the Jewish community throughout our country. If you care about the humanity of our society, please take some time to read her blog and then say the names as she has posted there.



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