Nothing Beats the Blues Like a Holiday Story

Nothing Beats the Blues Like a Holiday Story
December 10, 2017 Maggie Lynch
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I LOVE holiday stories. I’m addicted to the Hallmark channel during this time of year. At the end of a busy day, I snuggle into my recliner with at least one cat on my lap, and choose one of the recorded Hallmark Christmas specials.

Though I do love the Hallmark movies, they take two hours of my time–maybe an hour and 40 minutes if I skip the commercials. Sometimes I don’t have the much time at the end of the day but I still want my holiday story. Also, I often wish the challenges were a little more difficult or that they would throw in something different like a ghost or time travel or even a futuristic world. I know they have a particular audience but I’m not a one genre reader and the holidays are the best time to read in other genres–particularly shorter stories.

That’s why I am participating in the Christmas Cheer Storybundle project. It contains 10 books from amazing authors and editors. Seven of the books are novels. I created a special Sweetwater Canyon Holiday Trio for the bundle which contains a Thanksgiving novella, a Christmas novelette, and a New Year’s novelette. Two other books are collections of short stories. Even better, these stories cover a lot of different genres–from romance to urban fantasy, ghosts to time travel and mysteries. A total of 38 stories are in this bundle. That’s enough to keep in holiday stories well into 2018.

picture of 10 book covers included in the Christmas Cheer story bundle

Here’s the best part, we are doing this bundle along with Able Gamers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing customized assistive technology, like devices that let you play video games with your eyes, so that children with disabilities can have fun with their friends and family and increase their quality of life. Just take a moment to look at their website and read the stories. It’s an amazing organization and the difference it makes is huge and the donations really add up.

If you love holiday stories as much as I do, please take a look at this bundle. It’s pay what you want. But if you pay at least $15 you get everything. Great stories from top notch authors to last you well into the new year.

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