Trying Something New

Trying Something New
August 31, 2018 Maggie Lynch
In Sundries

ry something new - isolated text in letterpress wood type printing blocksOne of the things that writers need to always do is keep checking in with their readers. I do this primarily via my Facebook Reader’s Group, and through polls or postings I do in my newsletter emails. I’ve tried a number of different things on this blog and some worked well, while others not so much. One thing that seems to be liked is when I post about an author who may be new to you. I’ve heard from several people (primarily through social media) that they were really happen to find another other to read. Let’s face it, I can’t possibly write fast enough to keep up with all of you who read three to five books a week. 🙂 So, I’m happy to introduce you to authors I think you might like.

Some of the themed posts I was doing previously didn’t necessarily hit a chord as well as I’d hoped. When I talked to readers about what they like on blogs the vast majority said they wanted more about me, my life as a writer, and inside information on my books. Of course, they also wanted to know about new releases and special deals. It’s hard for me to generate posts about my books–partly because it goes against my upbringing to always talk about myself. So, I am going to do that but with your help.

Tuesday blog posts I will be answering a question readers have asked me about my books. Usually I answer these individually by email. Occasionally, I’ve answered this during an interview on another blog or even a radio interview. So, each Tuesday I will tackle ONE question that’s been sent to me. I will try to change them up by series or genre, as I know not all of you like one particular type of book I write. 🙂 So, I have about 10 or 11 questions already queued up. But after that, I’ll need more. If you have a question about my books, please send it to me by posting here in the comments. OR, send it to me via my contact page on my website.  And I will get your question answered and thank you personally for taking the time to ask it.

picture of header for private Facebook group. Contains several individuals shown holding or reading one of my books.Friday blog posts will be a mixed bag, depending on what’s happening in my writer life. It could be anything from cover reveals, to sharing new book or series ideas, or talking about how much I LOVE the narrators of my audiobooks.

If I have something big coming up, like a BookBub special deal or a cool contest, I’ll post about those too. However, for the most part those posts get put in my special Facebook Private Reader Group. So if you want more interaction than these blog posts (or you don’t want to remember to come here), you definitely want to join that reader group. It’s a good, diverse group of fans. The thing I like most about that group is that everyone is really caring and supportive of each other. Definitely my kind of people.

When you ask to join the group, I have a little three-question process to see if you’ve read any of my books just so I know a bit about you. If you haven’t read my books you can still join. Just be aware that the purpose of the group IS to let my fans know about my books and how to get them, talk about them, and enjoy them.

What am I Most excited about this Friday?

My new website redesign. I’ve been doing my own website design and maintenance for more than a decade, as well as one for my church and one for Windtree Press. However, the pace and complexity of design options has zoomed beyond my capacity to keep up. I can learn all the new stuff, but to do that, and to do it well, means once again giving up writing time. So, I decided to hire a professional and I got a preview of their work today. All I can say is WOW! I am so happy with the direction they are taking. They’ve listened to my needs (which are pretty demanding as I’ve done my own stuff in the past); and they’ve come up with some great ideas for the overall look and feel. They’ve also implemented a cleaner, easier to navigate, faster loading site. All very important to me.  The best part is, I truly believe it will make it easier for readers to get the information they need about me and my books.

I wish I had a picture to share, but there’s not enough there yet for it to make sense. Today was the approval of their direction and I gave the go-ahead for them to finish it up. I’ll make a big announcement when it’s live so ya’ll can see it for yourself. I’ll also have a special, fun, contest to get you to take a look and give me some feedback. Right now I’m expecting that to happen around September 20th. So do check back and get in on the contest.

Any questions you want me to answer on future blogs? Be sure to put them in the comments below or send me them via my contact page.

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