Mutual Monday — Featuring Judith Ashley

Mutual Monday — Featuring Judith Ashley
December 18, 2017 Maggie Lynch
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Judith Ashley AuthorToday I’m featuring author Judith Ashley. I met Judith through the Rose City Romance Writers in Portland, Oregon. She impressed me on so many levels. First, she is a listener and has a caring soul. She is also senior faculty for the Glasser Institute and has traveled to many places around the world to facilitate workshops around Choice Theory.  Finally, Judith came to novel writing late in life but she didn’t let that stop her. When I met her she had written the first novel of her series, and over the course of two years completed all seven novels. That’s impressive!

Her series, The Sacred Women’s Circle, is unlike any romances I’ve read. And Judith, herself, is definitely a soul full of light. If you are not familiar with Sacred Women’s Circles, they are founded in earth and nature-based spirituality from thousands of years ago. However, sacred women’s circles are part of many faith traditions as a way to support each other in adopting and following a spiritual life path.

Judith’s characters form their own sacred women’s circle and explore their faith and their powers. The women support each other through happy and difficult times and can always be counted on to keep a safe space for anyone in the circle who is searching or in trouble. Of course, as her books are also romances, those difficult times involve choosing a life partner even when they are frightened,  unsure, or simply overwhelmed with life.

Sacred Women's Circle series of seven books

These are romances with deeper truths and lots of inspirational messages. If you love books where friends are like sisters, and the romances are as much about discovering yourself and your path in life as falling in love, then you will love this series.

Do you have a special circle of friends that have been by your side in both good times and bad? If you are part of any type of Women’s Circle I’d love to hear how you found them and how they support you.


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