Six Week Follow-Up on Medium Articles

Six Week Follow-Up on Medium Articles
September 19, 2019 Maggie Lynch
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It’s been six weeks since I announced I’d be blogging–writing articles–on Medium. I have to admit it’s opened a whole world of learning and sharing and networking that I’m really enjoying. Every day I wake up with four or five ideas in my head to write. Then as I read other articles that interest me, I find myself thinking of even more things I can write. Who knew that I could enjoy nonfiction writing this much.

I began with the idea that I would write only about the ins and outs of a writing career. What it takes to stick with it. What has worked for me and what hasn’t. In effect, I would share what I’ve learned over the last decade of mentoring writers and how the publishing landscape changes. And I have done some of that and will continue to do that.

However, I’ve also been drawn to human-interest stories about love, marriage, work. So, I’ve begun to dabble in that as well. Some of them come back to writing and others are only human-interest. I suspect that moving forward I’ll do both. After all, my stories are about the ups and downs of very human lives. And I write them from the heart, based on my own experiences and those within my extended family. It is only natural I would be drawn to those stories of love, forgiveness, heart-ache, dismal failure and mind-bending success.

For those who are interested, I’ve linked all the actual articles I’ve published below. In addition, if you go to my Medium profile, you’ll find that I’ve commented (sometimes at length) on other people’s articles.

I expect I’ll be writing regularly and posting a compilation here for those who are not following me on Medium. Pick and choose the ones that peak your interest.

For Writers

Writer’s Block: Diagnosis & Prescription If you’ve ever suffered from Writer’s Block or wonder what to do about it, this article is for you.

The Series on Using Your Personality Type to Succeed as an Author
Introversion vs Extroversion   What do these terms mean and how does it impact the way you write, interact, and get energy for your career?
Intuiting vs Sensing This part of your personality is how you like to take in information before making a decision. It also makes a difference in how you might create your characters and their conflicts.
Thinking vs Feeling How do you make decisions about your career or solve conflicts. Does it help to look at the other side both in your writing and in your career analysis?
Judging vs Perceiving Once you have made a decision, how do you present that to the outside world? Do you remain open or once its done you move on? This part of your personality may dictate how many books or articles you write, and how comfortable you feel with any career decision.
Putting it All Together – This article is in process because all of the four sub-types above impact each other. Find out how to use it to make your life, your decisions, your writing the best it can be.

The Changing World of Author Creations and Publishing  The publishing landscape is changing at breakneck speeds. I share some articles by other more knowledgeable authors as to some of these amazing changes and talk about the two things I’m going to focus on in 2020–short podcasts and understanding the multiple opportunities in licensing intellectual property (my books, my audio, my husbands music).

Human Interest Stories

The Romance of Sleeping Separately  The romantic in all of us can’t imagine agreeing to sleeping separately, even if one has to  put up with snoring, unconscious restless legs, or nightmares that may involve you in potential harm. But it can be not only romantic but life-saving when you get enough sleep.

Caregiving vs Caretaking  As some of you know, I’ve been involved in caring for my mother with dementia and recently in caring for my husband through two retina detachments. What does it mean to be a care-giver and a care-taker. They words are sometimes used synonymously. I think they can be very different, depending on how you approach the person.  One persons thoughts on being aware of how we care for others and how we may be denying their dignity if/when we take control.

What Are You Willing to Do for Your Dream Job?  I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve had three good careers. But my dream job from the time I was in my twenties was to be a career writer–specifically a novelist. I am one now, but getting there and staying here requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In this time of instant gratification I wonder if anyone is willing to make the sacrifices for a “dream” job. Or is accepting something else that’s easier or pays better just as good?

If you do get around to reading any of these, please let me know what you liked. I’m also open to hearing what you want me to blog about. After all, without someone reading them, it’s just me talking to myself. 🙂

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