Cover for the anthology Whispers from Windtree Press

Publisher: Windtree Press

Edited by Paty Jager

My story is Pax Reborn in this anthology.

A whisper is a soft barely audible sound or resemblance of a sound. Perhaps a thought in one’s head, a flutter of leaves, a feather floating to the ground, or a wish. In this collection of ten stories and a poem the theme of “Whispers” is used in different ways from poetry to a children’s story, murmurs of unlikely alliances and a twist on a fairy tale. These stories across genre of fantasy, suspense, science fiction, and romance. Enjoy and savor each story. Every one of the stories will leave whispers of questions and coax a smile.

Soul Whispers: A Poem by Dari LaRoche

Whispers in a Dream, short story by Susie Slanina

Friends and Neighbors, short story by Pamela Cowan

Whispers of the Halcyon, novelette by Dari LaRoche

Whispers Upon a Star, novelette by Mary Vine

Her Zayka, short story by R. Hockamin

Of Wings and Whispers, short story by Diana McCollum

Whispering Willows, novelette by Kimila Kay

Bread and Ashtrays, short story by Melissa Yuan-Innes

Whispers of the Past, short story by Paty Jager

Pax Reborn, novella by Maggie Lynch

Ebook $4.99, Print $16.99



7 – 8
Hours to read

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