Best Practices in Teaching & Learning in Nursing Education

Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education presents evidence demonstrating how people learn and suggests best practices in teaching and learning with implications for curricular development. With the intention of guiding and motivating faculty towards implementation of the methods discussed, this document provides a platform for faculty development and a guide for administrators who must prioritize budget decision. The considerations, supported by literature, will serve as a framework for nursing faculty and administrators in the development of teaching and learning resources.

The discussion is divided into five sections, moving from broad evidence to
specific suggestions:

  • Research on Learning
  • Evidence on Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Evidence on Aspects of Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education
  • Evidence Regarding Pedagogical Strategies
  • Faculty Development and Evaluation

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Best Practices in teaching and learning in nursing education

Publisher: National League for Nursing

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