In my career prior to becoming a full-time writer, I have presented to large groups (up to 5,000) at conferences and to small groups of seven or eight, and everything in between. I taught in colleges and universities for 15 years, and my doctorate is in education with an emphasis on instructional design.

Over the past decade, I have presented topics for authors in a large variety of workshop environments, including  both small and large writer organizations and to small groups of writers. I’ve presented at national conferences, like the Romance Writers of America, as well as to local organizational chapters of RWA and Willamette Writers, and small writer organizations like xx. My workshops can be presented during a retreat over a weekend or in a group presentation style. It all depends on how much one-on-one assistance is requested and the time frame available.

Below are the topics I present most often. Clicking the title will take you to a complete description of the workshop in it’s originally designed topic list and time frame. All of the workshops can be shortened or lengthened, or combined, depending on individual group needs.

If you have an interest in having one or more of these workshops, please contact me via the Contact page with the subject Workshop Presentation. I live in Corvallis, Oregon. Therefore any travel more than an hour does require reimbursement for travel expenses, as well as my speaker fee. Speaker fees vary based on length of workshop and whether you select a negotiated one time fee or payments per participant.

Indie 101 – Effective Self-Publishing – An overview of today’s evolving world of self-publishing and how you can be most effective in your role as an author and publisher.

Distribution Demystified – Learn about the wide variety of distribution options available for your books and how each platform provides unique opportunities for promotion and engagement.

Email List Building and Engagement – Having a good email list is the most important marketing ? you can wield. This workshop takes you step-by-step through how to do that and how to keep your readers engaged and wanting more.

The Social Media Cooperative – Whether you love social media or hate it, you can’t ignore it and have any hope of being successful in today’s publishing world. Here you learn the pros and cons of using different platforms and their interactions so that you can manage the amount of time you spend on social media while maximizing your reach.

The Public Author: Presentations, Interviews, and Reader Engagement – Authors are thrust into the public sphere as soon as they publish. Learning how to handle the fear in different types of engagements, and develop a sense of what you can comfortably accomplish is the focus of this workshop.

Business 101 for Career Authors – Whether you self-publish your first book or work through an established traditional publisher, as far as the IRS is concerned you are now a business with income and expenses. This workshop focuses on how to be the CEO of your author business while still having time for the creative process of writing.

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