Obsidian Rim Archive Page

Distant planet system in space with exoplanets during sunrise 3D rendering elements of this image furnished by NASA

The Obsidian Rim Series is a shared world series created by Maggie Lynch and Elsa Jade in 2018. Eight authors participated in writing books in the series in 2018 and 2019. Each book stands alone even when the author wrote a subset trilogy for their rim stories.

The shared world is still open for additional books if approved by Maggie Lynch. Authors who already participated in the series are automatically approved. As of Sept. 2021 there are two additional books we know will be published within the next year. Beyond that it is unknown at this time.

We suggest you contact the participating authors directly to see what else they’ve written. Links to websites are below.



Books In Release Order

Note, they can be read in any order as each book stands alone. However, trilogies are best read in release order as some have continuing characters.

Make no friends. Show no mercy. Help no one. That’s how you stay alive.

In a broken galaxy, how can he fight for a freedom he’s never known?

A forbidden code promises to save humanity and threatens to get Cassie killed.

An exobotanist’s career on the rise. A former slave fomenting revolution.

Fire took humanity to the stars…and might burn the galaxy to ash.

Is it a rescue or a princess-napping?

Sulari Abfall, scrapyard picker extraordinaire, finds a man and a sentient cat in the trash heap.

He’ll do anything to get a lovely thief and her deadly pursuers off his planet. She’ll do anything to stay.

Lincoln doesn’t want trouble. Briar is trouble personified.

Bored pirate or reluctant hero? That’s not a good choice for a woman tied to profit.

The Q miners of Ydro-Down have won their freedom, but is the fight ever truly over?

A spaceship captain must risk her life to save an entire planet.

He’ll do anything to escape, including team up with the scientist who held a knife to his throat.

Cassy must unmask the real assassin before she’s caught and put to death.