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Kieran Sulien believes in the connection and goodness of all things. The agricultural life on Raeaa suits him and his children well.

A restless Nisa Star knows that love is transient. The universe will find a way to devastate you when you trust anyone with your life.

When an alien virus begins decimating food crops, and then infecting those who eat from them, the agricultural life around the Rim is put at risk. Scientists rush to find a cure and Nisa and her ship are called to distribute the first batches of vaccine to every impacted colony across the galaxy.

What seems to be an easy delivery run is thrown into peril when KaCorp makes a power play, steals the vaccines and corners the market, selling the cure only to colonies who can afford their exorbitant price. While hurrying to stop KaCorp Nisa learns Kieran has been kidnapped and is dying alone on an unknown poisoned planetoid.

Thrown into a fight for the lives of all colonists on the Rim, Nisa must make heartbreaking choices, face the call of revenge, find a way to her own redemption, and ultimately learn to trust her life and those of her family to a collective of complete strangers…the one thing she vowed never to do.


Cryoborn Gifts Book 2

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Make no friends. Show no mercy. Help no one. That’s how you stay alive.

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This is a shared world Series among eight authors.
Each book stands alone, though an author trilogy may have ongoing characters.

Make no friends. Show no mercy. Help no one. That’s how you stay alive.

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Two humans, a bunch of cats, a space ship…and murder.

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