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Come Dance With Me

Starlight Grille Series

Improvisational jazz musician meets buttoned up English teacher—will the Christmas lights sparkle or shatter before the dance ends?

​Sam Johnson, a burned out, New York City iconic jazz pianist transplanted to small town Maine, finds himself and his muse again through a disparate group of committed teen musicians and their buttoned up, efficient, high school English teacher who is roped into advising the after school jazz club.

​Ashley, an expert in classical music and teaching the bard, is out of her element when it comes to jazz or anything impromptu and desperately needs Sam’s help. What she doesn’t know is Sam has made it his mission before this gig ends to get Ashley to lighten up and enjoy the things in life she denies herself; music, friends, spontaneity, creativity, and yes, love.

​When Sam works to rescue her from her childhood fears, Ashley runs the other direction. Can what is done out of love tear apart a relationship before it’s in full swing, or forever cement a love that is true?

Cover, Come Dance with Me by Delsora Lowe

About Delsora Lowe

Delsora loves to write about small town heroes from the cowboys and ranchers of Colorado to the game wardens, firefighters, and lobstermen of Maine. A transplanted big city gal, world-wide traveler, and foreign-service brat, she now lives in a medium size coastal Maine town and most recently worked at a rural environmental college where she was lucky to interact on a daily basis with real life heroes and heroines. Her people oriented jobs in education, non-profits, and hospitality have provided much fodder for her story ideas.

Views of the Maine coast or the mountains of Colorado inspire her. Dealing with dust bunnies and mile-high piles of dishes do not. Her fridge is filled with more cheese than chocolate. Although there is a large assortment of every flavor of dark chocolate known to woman, which she dips into when she is delsing: a code word coined by her two grown children meaning mom’s writing – don’t bother her.