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Mermaid’s Treasure

Sapphire Songbird Series Book 1

Struggling to unravel the secrets of her father’s past while coming to terms with her own, a young woman finds a hidden treasure containing a brooch​ reputed to have the power to connect the living to the dead. ​

Truth and fiction have never been woven better than in this riveting holiday novella about a sunken Russian battleship, a failed mission, a mysterious treasure and family legacies where the unexplainable can teach us to believe in miracles and the magic of love.

Cover for Mermaid's Treasure by Anna Brentwood

About Anna Brentwood

A wife, mother and doting “nany”, Anna and her former Navy Seal husband live on 45 wooded acres in one of Oregon’s beautiful, enchanted forests. Their log home contains an interesting collection of Flapper and Prohibition memorabilia inspired by her passion for the 1920’s and an animal menagerie that has included felines, horses, rats, rabbits, donkeys, wolves, dogs, a red-tailed hawk named Lucky, and currently includes a feisty African grey parrot and two adorable French bulldogs.

Anna is inspired to write about interesting characters whose lives take them on journeys we can all enjoy and perhaps learn something meaningful from.