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Balancing a career and a relationship is never easy. It’s even harder when you are on the road and everyone wants a piece of you. A girl just can’t have it all… or can she? Trusting David is a risk that may give her everything she wants or it will close her heart forever.

"If you enjoy a good, heartfelt romance then the Sweetwater Canyon series is a must! The characters, scenes and story are beautifully written and easy to connect with. This book will forever go on my list of Favorite Romance Books. "

Stephanie Manning


"I loved this book! It is a story about a band of women musicians. The story felt real, as did the characters. A reader will likely want these women as friends. Music travel, love, and romance abound, and a really hot guy!"

Sherry Pace


"This is a novel any reader will fall in love with and will reread many times. I highly recommend this novel as a read right now, not a TBR book."



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