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Camryn Painter is a 16-year-old freak of nature. Or possibly the savior of a civilization that isn’t supposed to exist. She’s a human chameleon… one who transforms into the image of whoever sees. Striking a tribal alliance between what she once believed were mythical beings is her only chance of survival… if she can just control her power and figure out who to trust.

"Unique, engaging story. Very enjoyable read. It explored physical relationships VERY tastefully. It was beautifully integrated into the story and expertly explored teenage hormones without going overboard (I'm VERY conservative). It also had a fantastic, depth exploration of a magical world integrated into our own. Great read. "

Iso Rivers


"I really cared about the characters. The world was so beautifully drawn and rich with sensory detail that, as a writer, I felt kind of jealous. One of my pet peeves of high fantasy is that oracle talk can sound made up, but this one was wise. Lovely."

Melissa Yuan-Innes


"Camryn, the Chameleon or Wynbune, is caught between the two worlds. Her destiny, along with those of her people and all the others, depends on her making the ‘change’ successfully. This responsibility terrifies and confuses her.
This coming of age story is a delight to read, full of romance and beauty but balanced with real fear and bravery."



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