Two Voices

Sweetwater Canyon Book 6 – Theresa’s Story

Illness is a private matter…but recovery is a family affair

Divorced for sixteen years, Theresa Mosier raised her daughter, Kat, alone and managed a career. She never had time or energy to think about dating. With Kat safely off to college, she can relax and spend time writing music at her leisure, visiting good friends, and not have to answer to anyone except herself. Maybe a few dates wouldn’t hurt either.

After his home and the bed and breakfast inn that provided his livelihood burned down, Gavin Cullen spent the past year working odd jobs and shepherding his permanent residency Visa application for the United States. His daughter, Rachel, suggested he put the past behind him and come to America. He could live with her family in Sandy, Oregon until Gavin could get on his feet. 

When his wife died of cancer nine years ago, Gavin swore he’d never open himself up for that kind of pain again. But that was before he met Theresa Mosier. In the first few months he falls hard for the hard working and practical woman who founded the Sweetwater Canyon band. But then she’s diagnosed with cancer and any sense of safety is shattered.

Though Gavin is charming, and handsome, and very hard to ignore …  after her cancer diagnosis Theresa is no longer the woman she used to be in mind, body, or spirit. Is there any hope of these two lost souls helping each other into the future? Or will they keep running in opposite directions and settle for being alone to the bitter end?

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She’s chosen music over men. He prefers casual to committed. Can they strike a life-changing chord?

She plays the fiddle to soothe her pain. He writes poetry to face his past. Now to heal two wounded hearts.

Her guitar helped her leave. His grim news calls her home. Can their past be forgiven?

Is faith and forgiveness enough to make a family of four survive and thrive?

Kat needs more than courage to navigate this Christmas season. She needs a miracle.

Will a young homeless stranger be a source of division or will he help to free the Cullen’s from the past?

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Illness is a private matter…but recovery is a family affair. Can two lost souls help each other into the future?

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