Secrets to Effective Author Marketing: It's More Than "Buy My Book"

Secrets to Effective Author Marketing by Maggie Lynch



9 – 10
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Publisher: Windtree Press

Have you put your book out there and been disappointed in your sales? Perhaps you’ve tried a variety of marketing tactics to boost discoverability: blog posts, social media, book tours, paid ads in a variety of venues. But nothing is working.

The publishing landscape changes every year. The number of books published has increased and the competition for readers is more than it has been before. The key is to define your audience and then convince those potential readers of the value of your book. Your marketing time and money should primarily be spent on a message of value–not price, not story, and not genre.

This book provides specific techniques to exploit that value without resorting to the typical overexposure in social media and newsletters with “Buy My Book” sales messaging. Instead, focus on the top three proven techniques that actually sell books. Follow step-by-step instructions and timelines to learn how to: 1) Create an Effective Plan for Communicating to Readers; 2) Use Social Media and Email lists to Engage with Your Readers; and 3) Plan for Effective Campaigns for both Book Launches and Backlist Rejuvenation throughout the year.

In addition this book provides techniques to:

  1. Distinguish specific groups of readers most likely to buy your novel or nonfiction book.
  2. Understand your competition and the advantages that your book offers.
  3. Clarify hooks that capture attention of the media, reviewers, and readers.
  4. Identify where and how to reach readers, reviewers, and media.
  5. Create and implement a consistent brand throughout all marketing efforts.
  6. Effectively select, from 100+ options, the appropriate marketing tactics and timing that matches your book intentions and values.
  7. Maximize organic reach and stay to a budget of less than $100 per book campaign.
  8. Develop a long-term online marketing plan.

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Audiobook Narrated by Maggie Lynch

Audiobook Secrets to Effective Author Marketing by Maggie Lynch
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Written by: Maggie Lynch
Narrated by: Maggie Lynch
Series: Career Author Secrets
Unabridged Audiobook

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