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  • Jun142017
    Big red malware display when your site is blacklisted at search engines.

    Hackers, Malware, and Security Oh My!

    May was not a happy month for me. Just when the WannaCry and RansomWare attacks were going on, my site…

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  • Jun012017
    Moonscapes Book Bundle Deal

    Book Bundles Are Good Deals for Everyone

    I’m participating in an excellent science fiction book bundle with some amazing SF authors. It is offered through StoryBundle and is…

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  • May182017
    Think positive, do not negative, colorful words on blackboard

    Starting a Blog Again

    It’s been almost two years since I stopped blogging. I had two blogs going–one for helping new authors and one…

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  • Jan012017
    publishing trends identified in book The Long Tail by Anderson

    How New Trends Impact Publishing Goals

    I hope your end of 2017 was truly a celebration of the past year and all that you accomplished. If…

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